July 2, 2020

RestAR & Snapchat allow customers to virtually try-on Kyrie Irving's NIKE shoe

Have you ever wanted to try-on the basketball shoe of your favorite NBA star?

Now you can with 6x NBA All-Star and 2014 NBA Finals Champion, Kyrie Irving. A new Snapchat lens feature created by RestAR presents an AR try-on filter of the Nike Kyrie Irving 6 Basketball Shoe. 

To start, we completed the 3D scan by taking a one minute video of the sneaker on a turn-table.

Scanning sneaker with mobile device (Samsung Note 10 Plus)

After scanning is complete, a high quality 4K 3D model is generated. The resulting 3D scan is shown below. With the 3D image, integrating AR capabilities is only a few steps away.

RestAR & Snapchat collaboration 

Snapchat introduced the Lens Studio as a platform where designers can create their augmented reality (AR) experiences, and later display them on the Snapchat app. The studio technology includes built-in features that encourage AR developers to construct the highest quality experiences.


Developers upload their 2D or 3D software onto the studio platform where they can manipulate their models into AR applications. Designers can build their lens with features like “3D face mesh” “custom shaders” and advanced scripting. 


Do you have Snapchat? You can try the AR lens for yourself here.


AR is growing  

Augmented reality has picked up steam over the past decade, and looks to only be expanding more rapidly in the years to come. The AR market received $8 billion of revenue in just 2019 alone and is forecasted to hit $200 billion by 2022. 

With the AR lens feature, Snapchat discovered an innovative way to both promote the growing consumer need for experience, while also giving companies a viral method to advertise their product.

Bar Saraf, the CEO at RestAR, talks about the new Snapchat Lens feature,

“In our current world, especially with COVID-19 behavior changes, 2D images can’t fulfill the missing offline shopping experience. With 3D and AR try-on experiences, we are closing the gap and the barrier is eliminated, giving consumers the confidence they need to feel their purchase better, anywhere.”

Looking into the future of 3D

Augmented reality is not the only way customers can feel an immediate connection with a product.

The 3D content used as the foundation for AR creation has a wide variety of capabilities. Marketers can use the 3D model to develop dynamic 3D advertisements that promote interaction. Numerous sources have already tracked the benefits - citing improvements in click-through-rates and landing page hits. The 3D models flexible integration and sharing capacity are also beneficial in wholesaling and product sampling.

Are you ready to incorporate AR capabilities into your marketing strategy?

Learn about the process here

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