July 1, 2020

The Value of Interactive 3D Content in Marketing

Marketers vs. Ad-blockers: Who will win the fight?

In the ongoing war between marketers and ad-blockers, data suggests the latter is becoming increasingly more powerful. In 2016, 24.4 percent of U.S. internet users blocked ads on their connected devices, a statistic that is only projected to grow in the future (Statista). Not only do traditional banner ads fail to captivate the attention of consumers, they have also become a nuisance to consumers.

Don’t Let the Ad-blockers Win

In order to engage your audience and ensure successful online campaigns, disruptive and innovative ad formats, like 3D, must be part of your marketing strategy. 3D ads encourage interactivity by allowing users to explore a product from every angle with 360 degree product view. Whereas, traditional advertising flows in one direction and creates a passive experience, disruptive ad formats like 3D models create an interactive experience.

The Z Axis - Taking Consumers to a Different Dimension

Incorporating 3D content into a website gives a third dimension to the screen, the z axis. The addition of this new dimension allows the viewer to envision a physical store with depth as opposed to a dull 2D site.

Why Invest in 3D Advertising?

3D ads are able to overcome the challenges of online marketing that traditional ads are grappling with. According to the advertising agency Amobee, 3D ads increase click-through rates (5X CTR) and increase the time users interact with the ad (4X Time in Ad). Moreover, 3D advertising improves quality of traffic, reduces bounce rate, and increases return on ad spending (Forbes).

How it Works

Simple. Take a regular 360-degree video of a product using any smart phone, upload the video to our platform, and we’ll provide you with 3D models that can easily be embedded in different social media platforms.

Facebook and Snapchat Open the Door for Advertisers

Facebook and Snapchat have recently opened the door to 3D content sharing on their platforms. By introducing 3D posts, Facebook allows people to see and interact with digital objects in their News Feed. This means that more users will be familiar and comfortable interacting with 3D content. Users will grow accustomed to rich 3D content, and soon enough, 2D content will no longer be of interest.

gucci snapchat filter
Gucci’s new shoe try on filter with Snapchat.

Snapchat has also increased user’s exposure to 3D content. Snapchat introduced 3D Friendmojis, a lens from Snapchat that allows you and your friends to transpose into the real world using your bitmojis. Snapchat has also released a new Lens Studio design app with the hope of encouraging AR growth. Lens Studio allows users to design 2D and 3D filters.

“We want to empower and evangelize a new ecosystem of creativity”
Eitan Pilipski, Vice President of Snap Inc.

The Future is 3D

In a matter of time, 3D content will be the norm, therefore it will pay off to be an early adopter and get ahead of the game. 3D advertising is needed in order to keep pace with changing consumer demands. In order to captivate user’s attention, and make your product memorable, disruptive and creative ad formats are needed.

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